ITI - International TechneGroup


3Only if installed on XP operating System (DDE compatibility required)

4Microsoft Servers are supported only in server mode (as repository for DBWORKS_SERVER shared folder; CAD workstation mode is not supported while StandaloneClient is supported). DBWServer is also supported on such platform.

5Limited functionalities (e.g. Briefcase requires SQLServer, Remote Access requires SQLServer2005); x64 platforms don’t support MSAccess Databases due to a lack of suitable drivers

6Due to low level issues by Microsoft, the integration is able to run properly on x86 MSOffice installation only.

7Conversion from DWG to PDF with CTB file does support colors and does not support line thickness.

8Compatibility with ACAD 2013 DWG file format is available starting from R13sp1.

9Compatibility with ACAD 2014 is available starting from R13sp2.2